2018 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections: Gender Key Results.

2018 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections: Results & Figures

Out of Country Voting Manual 2018

Guide to Parliamentary Elections 2018

Guide to the Complaints and Challenges related to Parliamentary Elections 2018

Women Guide to Parliamentary Elections 2018

2018 Elections Women Registered Candidates

Political Right of People with Disabilities in Lebanon

Women's Quota Parliamentary Elections 2017

Q&A on Women's Quota: Parliamentary Elections 2017

LEAP Brochure

Women in Municipal Elections UNIFIL Area of Operations 2016

Women in Local Elections 2016 Key Results & Comparative Figures

Guide to Challenges & Complaints related to Municipal & Moukhtar Elections

Q&A How to run as candidate

Introduction to Municipal Council

In Numbers Women’s Participation in Municipal Elections

Q&A - Women Quota in the Lebanese Elections - 2015 Brochure

The Participation of the Lebanese Women in Political Life - 2015 Brochure

Guide on the work of the Constitutional Council

Constitutional Council Decisions 1994-2014 (Constitutionality)

Constitutional Council Decisions 1994-2014 (Electoral Disputes)

Arabic Lexicon of Electoral Terminology 2014

Parliamentary Election - October 2014 update

Women’s Participation in Elections – Sept. 2014

Milestones in Women's Political Participation in Lebanon

Info Graph - Women & Elections in Lebanon

Info Graph - Women in Parliaments Worldwide

Info Graph - 2013 Women Registered Candidates

Elections Timeframe - May 2014

Civil Advocacy & Mobilization for Electoral Reform - Dec 2013

Parliamentary Election - June 2013 update

Elections Timeline Presentation - Oct 2013

Info Graph - 2013 Registered Candidates

Info Graph - 2009 Parliamentary Elections Voter Turnout

Candidates Registration for the 2013 Parliamentary Election

State Council Guide on Parliamentary Elections

Publications Print

State Council Guide on Parliamentary Elections

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