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40 CSOs from 18 Regional Countries in Beirut Discussing “Election Dispute Resolution”

From 5 to 7 October, Beirut hosted the regional workshop on “Election Dispute Resolution” (EDR) which gathered 40 Civil Society Organizations coming from 18 countries in the Middle East and North Africa regions with the objective of sharing information and knowledge on EDR mechanisms with a specific focus on international good practices.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Electoral Support Project for the Middle East & North Africa region, in cooperation with the UNDP Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP), organized this workshop to enhance awareness and knowledge in the region on EDR and electoral justice through engaging electoral stakeholders in discussion, debates and working groups.

It was also an opportunity to strengthen informal networks and relationships of CSOs in the region.


The sessions of the workshop started with an introduction on the concept of EDR where the presenters highlighted the difference between complaints, challenges and appeals, identified the impact of EDR on credibility of elections and the responsibilities within its framework. In addition, the workshop tackled the following subjects: possible roles for CSOs in informal and formal EDR, media role in EDR, CSO networking in the MENA region, main challenges that are faced in EDR, good international practices of EDR and EDR mechanisms in the region.


During the workshop, the participants were divided in working groups to discuss how to improve CSOs networking, identify EDR mechanisms in the sub-regions, and how to enhance the role of CSOs in EDR.

12 OCTOBER 2015

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