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Public Awareness Campaign on enhancing Women’s Participation in Elections

The United Nations Development Programme – Lebanese Elections Assistance Project, the European Union and UN Women Lebanon partnered with the Office of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs (OMSWA) to implement an agreed gender joint roadmap that presents alternatives, other than quota, to increase women’s participation in elections and help in advocating and influencing public behaviour to support the inclusion of women in public life.

Within the framework of the roadmap, a public media awareness campaign was developed and launched on the 10th of January with an overall objective to enhance the role of Lebanese women for effective and meaningful participation in the upcoming 2018 Parliamentary Elections. Read here. Targeting all Lebanese citizens, the campaign focuses on raising the public awareness on the role of women in leadership, politics and electoral process and promoting an inclusive electoral process and a fair portrayal of women political leaders. Moreover, the campaign aims to encourage political parties to nominate women in leadership positions, women activists to run for elections and voters to vote for women candidates.


The awareness campaign includes TV spots, radio hughes air cospots, billboards (1st phase & 2nd phase), posters and LED visuals, and is divided into three phases with 3 different messages:


• First phase promotes women’s participation in elections;
• Second phase endorses women as candidates;
• Third phase will promote women as voters

10 January 2018

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